Spaghetti Strap Padded Yoga Bras

Size: S
Sale price$39.00


  • Fabric Softness: Slightly Soft
  • Fabric Stretch: Mid-Stretch
  • Fabric Thickness: Moderate
  • Fit Type: Tight
  • Outer Shell: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex

    Certainly! Here's a detailed product description for Spaghetti Strap Padded Yoga Bras, suitable for use in an online store or catalog:

    Elevate Comfort Spaghetti Strap Padded Yoga Bras

    Description: Experience ultimate comfort and support with our Elevate Comfort Spaghetti Strap Padded Yoga Bras. Designed for the active woman, these bras offer both functionality and style, making them perfect for yoga, Pilates, or any fitness activity. Their lightweight construction and moisture-wicking fabric ensure you stay cool and dry, while the stylish spaghetti straps allow for freedom of movement without sacrificing support.


    • Soft, Padded Cups: Provides extra comfort and support, with removable pads for easy adjustment and cleaning.
    • Spaghetti Straps: Ultra-thin straps for minimal visibility and enhanced range of motion.
    • Stretch Fabric: Made with a high-quality blend of spandex and Nylon, these bras stretch to fit and move with your body, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit.
    • Moisture-Wicking: Keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your workout by drawing sweat away from the skin.
    • Versatile Design: Bras are perfect for layering under workout gear or wearing alone in a yoga class.

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